The Condor, a golf ball optimized for distance


Korean golf brand Volvik (CEO Hong Seung-seok) has launched the Condor, 토토사이트 a performance urethane ball designed with a new white carbon material. The name is inspired by the golf score, which means four strokes less than the standard score, i.e., a 4-under-par condor on a Par 5 requires a tee shot, emphasizing that the urethane ball is optimized for distance.

The Condor has a three-piece construction and the Condor X has a four-piece construction. The biggest feature of the Condor is that it is the first golf ball to incorporate the new white carbon material. 스포츠토토 Used in high-end tires, white carbon has a high density and cohesion that allows for lossless energy transfer and prevents rubber from aging.

White carbon is applied to the core and mantle. The soft core made of white carbon has a high density of elastic energy, which gathers the condensed force until the moment of impact and releases it at once, leading to an explosive distance.

The mantle also strengthens the bond between the layers to maximize non-slip capabilities. Three years of research into white carbon has resulted in lower long-game spin than conventional urethane balls, while the bonding of metal ions enhances elasticity, resulting in higher ball speeds. The four-piece Condor X features a dual mantle construction.

The cover is wrapped in an optimized soft cast urethane. The result is a soft feel and stable short game performance. The dimples are arranged in a precise, perfectly symmetrical pattern to maintain consistent ball flight on every shot. Condor is a tour-approved ball that has been tested by the USGA and the R&A.

"Volvik has always been known as the number one colored ball company, but with Kondor, we are now a game changer in the white urethane ball paradigm. We will maximize innovative product development and marketing to accelerate our global expansion." 스포츠토토맨

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