Crafton hosts 'King of Battlegrounds' with influencers

Crafton (CEO Kim Chang-han) will host King of Battlegrounds (King of Battle), a domestic tournament for PUBG: Battlegrounds influencers and general users, on December 22.

Starting with the Invitational on the 22nd, King of Bae will include a total of four regular seasons and wild card matches, as well as the event competition Must 8, culminating in the Grand Finals in December. A total of 100 million won in prize money is up for grabs, including 20 million won for the Grand Finals and 10 million won for each season.

Each regular season will consist of 64 influencers and general users who have gone through qualifying rounds and will compete in a total of 10 matches over two days. The winner of each season will advance directly to the Grand Finals, and 16 teams will compete in the Grand Finals, including the winners of the wild card matches and the teams with the highest cumulative points in the tournament.

The King of Bae Invitational is an event that will feature 64 Battlegrounds influencers, including Kim Sung-tae and Blackwalk, before the main competition begins. The top four teams will earn a direct ticket to the King of Bae Grand Finals, with a total prize pool of KRW 20 million, including KRW 15 million for the first place team, KRW 3 million for the second place team, and KRW 2 million for the third place team.

There will also be a match prediction event for tournament viewers. Fans can participate by submitting their predictions on five categories, including who they think will have the highest final kill count, to Africa TV's official website before the match starts. Each correct answer will receive an equal share of 500,000 Zcoin, the in-game currency. The fewer correct answers, the more Zcoin they will win.

The King of Bae Invitational will be broadcast on the official channels of Battlegrounds Esports YouTube, 스포츠토토맨 King of Bae YouTube, Africa TV, and Twitch starting at 7 p.m. on the 22nd.

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