OGN, Gyeonggi Game Meister High School Signs Industry Cooperation Agreement

OGN (CEO Nam Yoon-seung) announced on the 11th that it has signed an industry-academia collaboration with Game Meister High School (hereinafter referred to as Game Meister High School, Principal Jung Seok-hee), a center for fostering game talent.

This cooperation is aimed at fostering game talents necessary for national development in line with the changes in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and aims to promote common development through mutual cooperation between industrial companies and schools. Through this collaboration, OGN will provide information on the supply and demand of new human resources in the game software field, and advise and support GameMisterGo on curriculum development and textbook development.

In addition, OGN will work with GameMisterGo's talent to develop games and create content in line with trends. Yoon-seung Nam, CEO of OGN, said, "Industry-academia cooperation to foster game talent is essential for the development of the game industry. We will continue to work with GameMisterGo to foster talent and contribute to the development of the industry." He emphasized the significance of the cooperation.

"Through industry-academia cooperation, education that combines field experience and theory will help students choose a career and find employment, and we will focus on fostering talent through industry-academia cooperation to develop the game industry," said Seokhee Jung, principal of GameMasterGo.

The signing of this industry-academia collaboration between OGN and GameMisterGo comes at a time when interest in the gaming field is growing and the need to foster talent is emerging. The industry-academia collaboration between OGN and GameMisterGo, which plays a leading role in the field of game and esports content, 토토사이트 is expected to contribute to the development of the game industry and the cultivation of talent.

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