Guangdong Freaks on the run for a fourth straight win in the new League of Legends

Will the Guangdong Freaks continue to sprint?

Kartrider at the Vita 500 Coliseum on the 22nd: Drift League Preseason 1 Day 8 will take place. It will feature the 15th match of the Full League between Sensation and Reboot, and the 16th match between Guangdong Freaks and Planet. With so many mid-table teams in the mix, we're curious to see if the Guangdong Freaks can continue their winning streak.

Guangdong Freecs are currently sitting alone in first place in the league. In their last three games, they are 3-0 with no losses. A key part of this winning streak was their last win against the Reef Sandbox. Guangdong Freaks met Reef Sandbox when they were 2-0, in a showdown that would decide the top spot in the league. In this match, Guangdong Freaks won a close game that came down to an ace decider, giving them three wins.

After overcoming their difficulties, Guangdong Freaks faced an easier opponent. Their opponent, Planet, is currently in fifth place in the league with a 1-2 record. As the least experienced team in the league, they were expected to finish last, but they quickly showed what they were made of with a win. Guangdong Freaks will have to be on their toes if they want to win. Both teams are confident, but it's important to play a tight game.

Park Hyun-soo, Noh Joon-hyun, Park In-soo, Kim Seung-rae, Hwang Gun-ha, Hwang Hyuk, Hong Sung-min, and Lee Jae-hyuk will compete in the first round of 16 individual matches. Players who had to fight their way through the guillotine matches in the round of 32 will be able to play more relaxed from now on. Even if they don't make it to the upper rounds, they still have one more chance, 토토 so it's expected that they will show a higher quality of play.

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